Inner Guidance System

“We must not be easy in giving credit to every word and suggestion, but carefully and leisurely weigh the matter according to God.” – Thomas a’ Kempis

Every once in a while, when traveling along the bike path, it’s interrupted by street intersections. Although there aren’t any stop signs at these points for traffic, sometimes I find a good Samaritan who will stop and wave for me to go on over. Such a NICE person. So thoughtful and considerate.

The only problem is there is another lane of traffic and the good Samaritan has no way of knowing if that oncoming car is going to stop. As he’s happily waving. Me. To go.

It reminds me of life. So many well intentioned, wonderful, giving, compassionate people ready to assist you. To give their advice and help. Happily waving you to go on across.

The only problem is they, through their limited view of any given situation, cannot make that call. They can’t possibly see everything that’s on the road. Ultimately the only one who can really know its okay to cross over is you.

Sure you can put your trust in the waver overer…..and I suppose that’s okay….as long as you don’t blame them when you get knocked into next Tuesday.

After all, YOU know other cars are coming, don’t you want to give yourself credit in knowing it might not be a good idea? Evaluate, make your own judgments and decide what your next move will be?

Personally, I do have a few people in my life who I talk things over regarding my life happenings. People I trust. People who love and only want the best for me and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything in the world.


I have to also learn to trust in myself. My inner guidance system. Live my own life. Wait patiently on the other side, even though others are waving me on.

Ask for guidance on a daily basis from an all-knowing Higher Power. Trust in the gift of common sense. Then I’ll continue when I believe it’s safe to do so while blowing loving kisses to all the wonderful good Samaritans in my life.


Meditation Anxiety

 yoga squireel

I often talk with women who are trying to live life on a more spiritual level but when the subject of meditation comes up, some say they’d like to try but aren’t sure about it. Some even admit they are downright afraid.

“What if when I get quiet, God “tells” me to do something I don’t want to do like become a missionary? I don’t want to do that so if I’m not going to do what God wants, why bother trying to listen?”

Most of these same women have family obligations that keep them in plenty of “service work” of which on a spiritual level, abandoning?? doesn’t seem likely. From what I’ve experienced also is if we are called to do something, we are given the Strength we need and then realize it was brewing in our heart of hearts anyway.

Another dilemma is,  “How?? Do I have to sit in a yoga position under a tree for hours with my eyes closed having the tips of my middle fingers pressed to the tips of my thumbs trying to avoid scratching an itch? I have a hard enough time getting back up after I’ve squatted down to get a bowl out of the bottom cabinet!”

Well……..some people do meditate that way and maybe that will be something one might like to work one’s way up to but there are many forms and ways to meditate. No doubt it is hard for most especially in the beginning.

I’ve found meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Losing myself in an activity; walking, biking, writing, drawing, playing a musical instrument and dancing are all forms of meditation as well as sitting in silence with eyes closed using my breath as a focal point.

Most of us have done all of the above not even realizing we were actually in a meditative state!

The reality is when we LOSE ourselves in whatever form of mediation that feels right to us individually, we find TRUTH. We will REMEMBER we are innocent and this remembrance offers with it peace, love and joy. And that is what I believe God is trying to “say” to us first and foremost.

What form of mediation has worked best for you?

Mom a.k.a. God

pray dont worry

I have this boldly glued on my wall in my meditation area. Pretty much everyday I sit, meditate, open my eyes and see the words, pray about everything, worry about nothing. 

Yet I still worry.

Mostly about my children. What will become of them. How they are really doing. Are they happy? Do they know how awesome they truly are? Is there something more I could be doing to “help” them?

Therein lies the rub.

I know as parents we have our duties. Our responsibility’s to these beings we’ve helped bring into the world. I get that.

But where do we stop and God begin?

So often I take on the role of trying to be their everything. Of thinking I AM their everything. When I do this I am Easing God Out (ego) and I hardly even notice I’m doing it. I mean I’m their mother, I’m supposed to be getting “in there” and “helping” and “teaching” them. Right?

And the answer is, sure. But to a degree. For me, I have to ask myself in this dance of life, am I leading or am I letting my partner lead? I must be letting Him lead, if I’m praying, meditating and asking for help. But am I really letting go and letting God?

All I have to do is reflect honestly on the past week of which I can say….eh hem….. “no”. I haven’t been letting go and letting God. I’ve been getting in there with my suggestions and ideas to “help” them. But, when I’m doing this for the most part, I’m trying to get them to see things my way – secretly believing (knowing) my way is the best way.

I am the MOM after all. I do (should) know and want only what’s best for them. Right?

Back to the honest inventory of myself…….

I have an agenda whether I like it or not (and every time I see it I’m still very surprised at myself). When I really look at my actions and thoughts I clearly see, I’ve not only been leading the dance, I’ve been stepping on a lot of toes.

Even with my mediation, prayer and “talk” about God, I’ve subtly got in there and have been trying to run the whole show. So it’s no wonder I’m worried! If I’m really in charge, we’re all in trouble!

So what’s a mom to do? Surely I have to do something?!!???!!???!?

And as with any dance, all I really need to do is just master a few basic moves, trust my partner, relax and glide gracefully to the music.

God loves his children as much as I do (with the real possibility he loves them even more!) There is really nothing to worry about. Ever.

Maybe all my children really “need”, is for me to remember that.

Listening Skills

It’s hard not to give our two cents in some situations isn’t it?

I was out with some friends and we were talking about our struggles on the subject.

“God I just wanted to get in there so bad and tell him what he should do about his troubled friend. I literally bit my tongue and I’m so glad I did. After he finished telling me what was going on, he realized on his own, the best thing to do was to detach with love and not send any money.”

Knowing what patience is in one thing, actually practicing it is another. So often we want to get there with our opinions on matters letting everyone know what we think and in essence, wanting them to think the same way we do!

Doesn’t it make much more sense to let people experience their own truths – even if we think they are making a mistake?

Today I will practice listening. The next time someone is telling me about their latest dilemma, I will try to refrain from adding my opinions. I think I may notice most of the time, no one is asking me for them anyway.

My prayer; God help me to listen with my heart and not my head. Help me to keep my mouth shut 🙂



Are You Really Available?

Please, stay with me on this rant.

I am repeatedly overwhelmed by the meaning of the word, available. Especially (and dare I sound like my grandma for a minute) in this day and age!

And maybe it’s not the meaning. Maybe the meaning is perfect.


Sounds about right. I guess it’s just the way I’ve been experiencing being “available”.

In todays society lets face it, we are expected to be readily available at all times.Expected to be doing more; proud of being multi-taskers. Spinnning all kinds of plates like a clown in the circus (are we really living this way?)

And we ALL get caught up in it.

On the extending end when trying to reach someone we want to know; where is she? We are calling and he is not answering. We tried the house, the cell, text message, email. She SHOULD answer us NOW.

Rather interesting isn’t it? To expect someone to be at our beckon call at the exact time WE want them; PRESENT AND READY FOR USE.

On the receiving end, we think, I should answer that call, text, email, right now!Never mind I’m in the middle of a meal, working, relaxing. How dare I! Guilt, guilt, guilt and for what? For not being PRESENT AND READY FOR USE???

So whats a 21st century girl to do?

Let the call go to voicemail if I’m in the middle of something. Even if I’m in the middle  of relaxing. (Bold move I know) But being instantly available to everyone is not all its cracked up to be and for the most part not even necessary.

I mean if we’re not available, the sun will still rise tomorrow, the world will still spin on its axis and maybe, just maybe we will learn to slow down, turn inward for guidance and learn some patience.

I know we want to think we can save the day should an emergency arise but I’m pretty sure God’s got this and things are going to happen exactly the way they’re suppose to anyway.

Okay so I’m not a total grandma (although I really  I love technology and think it’s great that we can check in/up on people so easily, but it just feels like its gotten out of hand.

So for me, as far as always being readily available; Nope. Sorry. That’s not me. I’m also sometimes disappointed that its not you either.

I guess that leaves me to turn to the One who’s always PRESENT AND READY FOR USE. And maybe thats the point of this entire rant. Hmm. Not bad. Thanks for listening 🙂

God thank you for being available to me always. Please help me with my guilt of taking care of my self. When I say it outloud it sounds so silly. Please take my frustrations when others aren’t available to me. Help me to remember you are in charge.

Listen to your Heart

What “voice” do you listen to? Most of us have millions of thoughts racing through our heads. How do we narrow it down?

One night when my son was younger,  he was having a hard time getting to sleep. He said he kept thinking of the Scooby doo show he watched and the scary images he saw.

“You know Scooby doo is a cartoon and isn’t real right?” I asked.

“Yes, but I still can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I understand. Your brain is very smart. It calculates things like one plus one equals two. It saw that show and concluded, it was scary,” I tried to explain.

“But somehow in your heart, you know none of it is true, like you just told me. We use our brain to learn things, but it is very important to listen to our heart. Our heart knows things our brains will never understand.”

Too much for a youngster to understand? I don’t know – I’m no expert. But we said some prayers and he did manage to fall asleep. (Maybe to avoid another mommy philosophy session?)

As usual, the interaction with my child taught me as our conversation lingered in my head.

I believe we all have knowingness. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes it’s up front and still denied. Other times its buried and needing to work itself out like a sliver. Either way it is there.

If you ever spent any time in a silent meditation, in the beginning it’s almost unbearable. It’s no wonder we can get confused! Patience and compassion can be our watchwords. The more we practice at it – and – stick with it, the easier it becomes.

What I have found thru this process is there are alot of Scooby doo episodes all around me, but I don’t have to get entangled in that whole silly mess. If I’m staying close to God, my heart knows behind the scary monster masks are just everyday people and life situations of which I do not need to fear.

God quiet my mind. Remind me I have nothing to fear. Help me to listen to my heart.

Trust Yourself

I was talking to a friend who had helped her 16 year nephew with some issues he’s been having regarding drinking, staying out all night and breaking house rules.

“I’m not sure if I handle the situation the right way,” she questioned herself. “I was thinking of how so-and-so would have handled it and I wondered if I was too lineate.”

My friend couldn’t see her significance. She was honest with the boy and shared her own truth on the matter. Most importantly the boy, a rebellious teenager, came to her.

Why do we think our best isn’t good enough? Where did these ideas come from that others know how to handle situations better than us?

While it is wise to have a trusted friend and/or spiritual advisor as a sounding board, we have all been given gifts. We ARE gifts to this world. We will draw towards us the people who are best for us to learn from and help.

Trust that God is playing us like a chess game and he knows all the moves before they happen. Trust everything is as it should be and your best is good enough!