Want Peace?

F orget

O minous

R eminiscing.

G limpse the

I nnocence

V ibrating

E verywhere.

free man

image courtesy of markuso at freedigitalphotos.net

Awakening Analogy

curved rd

One of the things I love to do is ride my bike on the bike path near my home.

So peaceful being out in nature with the birds singing, chipmunks playing and occasionally; silence.

Pure Bliss.

As I travel along my merry way, I come across many others on this same path. Some are also biking by themselves, with a companion or with children. Others jog; alone or in pairs. Some power walk, dog walk or push baby strollers. Then there are the occasional roller bladers.

And last, but certainly not least, the people who are just out taking a leisurely stroll.

Most are strangers but I appreciate my fellow bike “pathers” as we all engage in our outdoor activities – all of us in it together – enjoying life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

All of us using the path exactly how we see fit.

I breeze through giving a nod, a smile and the occasion hello. I have no problem with the course any of them are taking, the speed they’re going or by whatever means they choose to get from point A to point B.

I have no problem with them passing me up or slowing me down.

No problem with them what-so-ever.

So what if?

What if I could take this same mentality and practice it as I travel along with the ones close to me on the life path? What if I could learn to respect everyone’s individual journey? Accept how they move through their own life; slow-paced, fast-paced and even the ones who are just out for a leisurely stroll?

What if instead of trying to change and manipulate them into traveling the life path the way I think they should, I could instead breeze through giving a nod, a smile, a hug and an occasional “I love you”?

It’s certainly the makings of what I seek on the path in the first place; Peace of mind.

Could it all be this simple?

I pray as I travel though my days to bring forth the love, acceptance and patience I show strangers on the bike path to my loved ones on the life path.


Lighten up!


I was talking with an amazing friend of mine and she said something I deal with myself.

   “It feels like with everything I have to do everyday, things just keep piling up. It all feels so heavy.”

As smart, strong and awesome humans we can easily fall into the groove of taking everything on ourselves – to the point –  we forget about including our Higher Power. How do you know you’re doing it?

Life feels   Heavy.

Make the shift. Start by doing something silly. Draw a  picture full of stick people, watch a cartoon, bake funny cookies  or make a necklace out of cereal and eat it.

L i g h t e n   u p!

And pray…..

Hello God. I know you never forget about me, but apparently I forget about you. Ooops! Please help me with all my relationships, work and play. Thanks!

photo by CBurns

Spiritual Simplicity


What is spirituality? I have a tendency to look too deep for it, making it unattainable and complicated. While it is mysterious in a lot of ways, spiritual happenings are frequent and can appear in small simple ways.

Each person’s path is their own and as I reflect back on my life, the Divine is very apparent. I now know that is why I took such interest in one special little book.

I was around 8 years old and at bedtime, I’d excitedly take this book off a small wooden bookshelf and crawl into bed. It immediately gave me comfort like a warm, soft blanket.

Like a ritual I’d study it, first letting my fingertips glide across its slick, jet black cover, then over to the gold stenciled words A Prayer Book For You. I thought it was so beautiful especially how when closed, the gold-edged pages formed a solid golden band.

But what was this really all about?

Could I have already been searching for some kind of answers in my life at that time? Apparently I was looking for something as I embark on learning “The Lord’s Prayer”. This went on night after night until I finally had it memorized.

So how does a little girl intuitively know these things? We were not a religious family. Why that particular book? How did it end up in my hands? Was it by chance? Or was it the beginning of some hope being revealed to a little girl by a higher, unexplainable power?

Spirituality doesn’t have to be seen as a hidden secret accessible to only a select few. It’s available to anyone open to it and it’s everywhere!

If you’re paying attention you can find it in a child’s eyes, a delicate flower, a so-called problem, the perfect timing of the right person being put in your life at the right time or even a shiny black prayer book.

What about you? Would you like to share your idea of spiritual simplicity?

Friendship Friday

Just recently a friend of mine declared,  “I’ve decided I’m going to make more time for my friends and I’m calling it Friendship Fridays!”

What a fantastic idea!  While everyone is busy doing life, time with friends can easily pass us by. Making time to fill your soul with the warmth, laughter and love of friends is a must do on our list!  Lets not cheat ourselves out of these experiences.

Declare a friendship day, put it on the calendar and guard it with your life. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly…..do it today!

My friendship prayer: Thank you God for these beautiful people you put in my life I call friends. Remind me to cherish these relationships like a delicate piece of crystal.



Listening Skills

It’s hard not to give our two cents in some situations isn’t it?

I was out with some friends and we were talking about our struggles on the subject.

“God I just wanted to get in there so bad and tell him what he should do about his troubled friend. I literally bit my tongue and I’m so glad I did. After he finished telling me what was going on, he realized on his own, the best thing to do was to detach with love and not send any money.”

Knowing what patience is in one thing, actually practicing it is another. So often we want to get there with our opinions on matters letting everyone know what we think and in essence, wanting them to think the same way we do!

Doesn’t it make much more sense to let people experience their own truths – even if we think they are making a mistake?

Today I will practice listening. The next time someone is telling me about their latest dilemma, I will try to refrain from adding my opinions. I think I may notice most of the time, no one is asking me for them anyway.

My prayer; God help me to listen with my heart and not my head. Help me to keep my mouth shut 🙂



Listen to your Heart

What “voice” do you listen to? Most of us have millions of thoughts racing through our heads. How do we narrow it down?

One night when my son was younger,  he was having a hard time getting to sleep. He said he kept thinking of the Scooby doo show he watched and the scary images he saw.

“You know Scooby doo is a cartoon and isn’t real right?” I asked.

“Yes, but I still can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I understand. Your brain is very smart. It calculates things like one plus one equals two. It saw that show and concluded, it was scary,” I tried to explain.

“But somehow in your heart, you know none of it is true, like you just told me. We use our brain to learn things, but it is very important to listen to our heart. Our heart knows things our brains will never understand.”

Too much for a youngster to understand? I don’t know – I’m no expert. But we said some prayers and he did manage to fall asleep. (Maybe to avoid another mommy philosophy session?)

As usual, the interaction with my child taught me as our conversation lingered in my head.

I believe we all have knowingness. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes it’s up front and still denied. Other times its buried and needing to work itself out like a sliver. Either way it is there.

If you ever spent any time in a silent meditation, in the beginning it’s almost unbearable. It’s no wonder we can get confused! Patience and compassion can be our watchwords. The more we practice at it – and – stick with it, the easier it becomes.

What I have found thru this process is there are alot of Scooby doo episodes all around me, but I don’t have to get entangled in that whole silly mess. If I’m staying close to God, my heart knows behind the scary monster masks are just everyday people and life situations of which I do not need to fear.

God quiet my mind. Remind me I have nothing to fear. Help me to listen to my heart.