Thanks to you!

love heart

Words are futile
to describe how I feel
about you

You, who give your most precious asset
to my ramblings

How to convey this?
I’m practically speechless

But I will say
in the most limited way
YOU are absolutely, unmistakably


and if it takes “words” to remind you
so be it
and so it is

WordPress sent a notification informing me it’s been one year since I began my blogging journey. Woo hoo! I’m still here and so are you!! How cool is that?

Thank you and God bless!

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Never Ending


Life’s dark

Seemingly bad things happen

Light appears

Seemingly good things happen

Fallible perception

Sees an end

Hardly noticed  – the new beginning

Forever thinking; finite – shallow

Surrender’s painful, yet

Skyrockets into infinite power – grace – love

Again and again and again and again

Curious fight?!?

Wills collide Let the spark carry on!

photo by CBurns

Magnificent Moon

moon and wolf

 Evening arrives bringing along its eminent darkness.

 Stepping onto the porch, I smile as the fireflies dance to the cricket’s tune.

 The cobalt glow transmitting through the light-less street could only mean one thing.

Suspense fills me as I play peek-a-boo with the tall trees, searching for a clearing.

Creation is undeniable in the presence of the magnificent full moon.

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Reality check

beach and sky

I can give up but what was never real   A Course in Miracles

God is the only REALity there is.
What is God?
God is Love.
How do I know this?
I can feel magnificent grace coursing through my being when I’m there.
My Self knows the difference.
When in hate, resentment, fear, doubt, confusion
How does that feel?
My Self knows the difference and it nudges me, sometimes screams to me
But what am I to do?
I have to live in the “real world” you know.
There is only one REALity
God is Love
and that’s all there is.



photo by CBurns


You are breaths of fresh air; sweet and delicate.

You are reminders to be grateful for the little things.

You are examples of wonder, confidence and patience.

You are unyielding symbols of hope and perseverance.

You are teachers, demonstrating neither you nor I will act perfectly in our humanness.

You are love and forgiveness.

You are my significant others.

You are my children.