Nablopomo challenge complete!

Thirty days hath September April June and….November! I did it! I took the Nablopomo challenge and completed it!

This was a good experiment for me as I just started my blog the end of September and was already getting writers block. So when Nablopomo came along, I knew I would have to post everyday and wouldn’t have time to be picky. Like Nike says, just do it!

It’s also been good for me because I’m realizing how much I really do like to write and if I can make just one person’s day a little brighter, even for a few minutes, that’s pretty cool. In fact, the more I think about reaching just one person, the more I feel how very powerful that is!

So after checking my “likes”, comments and stats like a crazy woman all month,  it does all boil down to that one person who really matters, even if that one person is me!

I will continue to post perhaps 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks for being so great and looking forward to reading more of your comments and meeting more bloggers!

Welcome to December!



Hush your heart

drew sleeping

Although I have a tendency to be a big thinker, today I’m being guided in my reading to hush.

But I have to..…..and you don’t understand I…….this has to be figured out now……..


Like we sing with love to those beautiful bundles of joy, swaddling them in blankets soft as cotton balls….hush little baby don’t say a word.

So it will be with me today. And it’s funny because it’s the day before Thanksgiving and I have lots to do……


I have nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to figure out or improve on. My job today is to, quietly as I can, go about my day trusting in The Plan and remembering my lesson for today the hush of heaven holds my heart today.

I wish the same for you today as well.

Regrets, I’ve had a few

It’s hard to live a life without having regrets. Why?  Because we are human. But also because somewhere in us we believe that we should have all the answers at all times and should execute all of these things…….perfectly.

Rather pompous of us don’t ya think?

I especially get caught up in this when it comes to parenting. I mean we are molding a life for God’s sake! This is HUGE!!!!!!

And while yes it is……there is so much more going on than our parenting.

I was getting caught up in it myself today and then I am reminded with one of my readings;

Your Son is still as you created him…..and what can alter Holiness Itself?”

I know this to be true in my own personal life. I grew up in less than “perfect” conditions, followed suit, and lived a “troubled” life for many, many years.

Today I have proof that underneath it all is a perfect soul intact.

So while we have been conditioned, very thoroughly I might add, on what a person’s path is “supposed” to look like, there is no such thing.

While I still don’t like a lot of things, I see how much of that is my ego in play because today I have a deeper belief that at all times-in every situation-we are all doing the best we can with what we have.

So maybe regrets are reminders I need to forgive myself and others because there is nothing we could have done to another or that another could have done to us for that matter, that can change the fact that we are still as God created us underneath it all.

And that is Perfection.

Its in the follow through

Have you ever felt “frozen” in regards to dealing with a situation in your life? I know I have. It’s as if I’m completely unable or unwilling to do anything about “it” whatever “it” may be.

The reason this happens is because I get overwhelmed and when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I avoid or shut down and then…. I start to lose all proper prospective.

What I have experienced, as well as so many others I’ve talked to, is nine out of ten times the solution is right in front of us…and it’s usually something small.

So what gives?

It “appears” it will not work because I have big problems and I need big answers.

I’ve heard it said, “Have you ever tried to swallow a whole watermelon? No! You cut it in pieces!”

Think about one of your problems. Do you already have the solution but just haven’t followed through?

For example, did you miss another appointment? Do you have a calendar that you just haven’t utilized? Or are you still saying yes to things when you can say no?

Have you told yourself you want to start exercising and eating better but haven’t? Can you start small by taking a walk and buying some fresh fruit?

Have you told your son or daughter if they forget their homework again, they will lose a privilege? Has that privilege been taken away?

Are you in a toxic situation but don’t know how to live any other way? Can you talk to a trusted friend, counselor or minister/priest?

Start small and see what happens. Keeping things simple is usually the best way to go.

God, please help me take the action today of following through.


Daily Prompt: Playtime

Daily Prompt: Playtime

Daily Post at WordPress. They want to know. Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you? Photographers, artists, poets: show us PLAY.


I used to sleep in a shirt that said, “I don’t do mornings.” And was that ever true. No big deal right?  But I came upon a dilemma – my youngest son does. He gets it from his dad. (My husband doesn’t even hit the snooze button……who does that?)

After experiencing crabby mommy one too many times, I decided I didn’t want his mornings to be watching my head draped over a cup of coffee while I grunt responses throughout any conversation that may occur.

Something (or someone) had to change! Determined to send my son out the door a better way, I came up with two ideas:

  1. Get up 30 minutes before him so I can get the cobwebs out of my head, eyes, teeth, ears…..

If there’s one connection I’ve made with all three of my children, it’s music! So I crank it on, switch it to various channels and start our day. What a difference it’s made; dare I even call it “playtime?!”

One morning I even broke out in a little air guitar using the remote control (yes this actually happened and he looked at me like who are you and what did you do with my mom?)

Sometimes we listen to his stuff and he laughs at me while I sing the wrong words. Other times he gets schooled in what real music is.

The best thing about it all is we both really do like it and I have found something I can share with my 9 year old son. (Sorry, I will NEVER learn the concept of Pokemon……NEVER!!!!)

So I do mornings now…….but I still love my snooze button!


Friendship Friday

Just recently a friend of mine declared,  “I’ve decided I’m going to make more time for my friends and I’m calling it Friendship Fridays!”

What a fantastic idea!  While everyone is busy doing life, time with friends can easily pass us by. Making time to fill your soul with the warmth, laughter and love of friends is a must do on our list!  Lets not cheat ourselves out of these experiences.

Declare a friendship day, put it on the calendar and guard it with your life. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly… it today!

My friendship prayer: Thank you God for these beautiful people you put in my life I call friends. Remind me to cherish these relationships like a delicate piece of crystal.



It’s okay to ask for help

***  “I’ll go with you.”  ***

Music to someone’s ears who’s been stuck regarding taking an action.

I have noticed time and again, with myself as well as others, sometimes we get afraid to do some of the so-called “easy” things. From a doctor appointment to first time going to a health club, these things can feel monumental.

It takes courage to admit and ask for help instead of ignoring or pretending to have it all together. So why does it feel embarrassing? (Hello ego, I see you’re still hanging around…)

Sometimes I don’t even know I’m in fear. I say things like, “I don’t have time – I don’t care or I’m too lazy to take the action.”

If you’ve been putting something off because you’re afraid, ask a friend to go with you. If you know someone who has been stuck, ask them if they’d like you to go with them.

I get by with a little help from my friends. ~ John Lennon