If you spot it, you got it

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung

If this statement causes you to swallow hard, squirm a little, take in a deep breath followed by an eye roll………you’re not alone.

Lets face it, people can really annoy us! We aren’t like those bad people!! Right???

“I don’t like working with this person. They’re so rude and negative!”

“I can’t believe she is going back with that guy. What’s it going to take for her to get her stuff together and move on with her life?”

“What kind of mother does that!” (fill in that blank)

“I don’t understand how they got themselves into so much debt. It’s so simple – don’t spend more than you take in!”

These are a few examples of things that can get me fired up (my face is flushed as I look at them because its all me in there). And although perfection is not the goal, I’m thankful to be graced with perseverance and  the willingness to change.  As Dr. Jung has stated, I have been lead into deeper understandings:

  • In the moment, when I am playing judge and jury, I’m simply feeding a “false sense of superiority” which provides my ego with a twisted pleasure.
  • I’m capable of every single bothersome behavior, whether it be from my past, present or future.
  • When I’m judging others, I am actually judging myself. Forgiveness is in order.

Although it sometimes feels impossible difficult to face,  I’m awakened to inspired Truth. There is no separation. We are all One.

So thanks and gratitude is in order for all those bothersome people. They really are my best teachers!

God I pray for the continued gift of awareness of judgments against myself and others. Help me to practice true Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

 friends dancing

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Naked Tree

naked tree 2

As the tree stands in all it’s nakedness
I think
look how vulnerable its making itself
for all the world to see

Could I ever be so bold, so brash
to stand firm in my knowing
that I am perfection?

Oh naked tree
even you are here to show me, teach me
to stand strong in my glory

Look at my intricate form
no other like me in this world
standing bare I show you
its desirable to reveal


For it is all you and it is all me
oh naked tree
thank you
thank you for bringing me


Reality check

beach and sky

I can give up but what was never real   A Course in Miracles

God is the only REALity there is.
What is God?
God is Love.
How do I know this?
I can feel magnificent grace coursing through my being when I’m there.
My Self knows the difference.
When in hate, resentment, fear, doubt, confusion
How does that feel?
My Self knows the difference and it nudges me, sometimes screams to me
But what am I to do?
I have to live in the “real world” you know.
There is only one REALity
God is Love
and that’s all there is.



photo by CBurns

Gifts are everywhere


Each day a thousand treasures come to me at every passing moment. -A Course in Miracles

What good is a gift if it’s not received? If it sits unopened? This is often my dilemma. They’re there, but I can’t “see” them let alone enjoy them.

Practicing gratitude is a way to remove the blinders and receive the gifts that continually come my way. It does take practice though, as for me, it doesn’t come natural. Not YET anyway.

But I do know how to practice, it’s not impossible. I practice negative thoughts, patterns and habits quite often. And when I do I’m so blind, I walk right past my treasures. Some days I may even trip over them and say, “who put those damn gifts in my way!”

Today I pray to see through the eyes of my Infinite Source the many gifts given to me on a moment to moment basis. I pray to remember to treat today like a treasure hunt and find them all!


photo from google images

Kids are literally hilarious

oh no

Have you ever found yourself taking life a little too seriously? We can all get caught up in trying to be the perfect “Fantasy Family”. Leave it to our children to bring us back to reality.

Take my family for instance. Inadvertently, we started an annoying practice of yelling throughout the house as a form of communicating to each other.

Finally, I had enough of the loudness and declared, “No more yelling. From now on when we need to talk to each other, we will use our inside voices.”

At the time, my youngest was five years old and he quickly forgot the new rule as he shouted from another room, “Mmmooommm, mmmooommm, mmmoooommm!”

Determined to make this work, I did not respond. It didn’t take him long to catch on and come over to see me.

Feeling proud of myself, I softly told him, “You know you are wasting your breath when you yell like that.”

Oh no, mommy!” he panicked. “How many do I have left?”


photo from bing images

Remembering Self


It’s so easy to get caught up and stuck in our small self, living our lives from that limited view.

We forget who we really are as the ego tells us how we didn’t do this and we didn’t do that the “right” way. It abuses us, if we let it, dictating how we should be smarter or prettier or richer. The list is endless.

And the list is false. Always.

I feel the urge to write this is because a friend of mine passed away Tuesday morning and I  wanted to write something in remembrance of her life and about all things beautiful about her.

Then it hit me, she never FULLY knew it. And so it is with a lot of us.

So in memory of my beautiful, kindhearted friend, why not take this time to remember our True Selves today? Right now, while we are still on this earth.

Today let’s remember what Miracles we all Truly are. Magnificent in the Uniqueness we each possess with deep Wisdom available in our Heart of Hearts whenever we choose to stop and listen.

Let’s remember the Endless Reservoir of Love consistently flowing, calling and welcoming us  to sit, fill up and pass along. Let’s remember our Perfection.

This is who we really are. We are worthy. Today, let’s try and remember, shall we?

In memory of Colleen, an unforgettable soul. You will be missed.

Hush your heart

drew sleeping

Although I have a tendency to be a big thinker, today I’m being guided in my reading to hush.

But I have to..…..and you don’t understand I…….this has to be figured out now……..


Like we sing with love to those beautiful bundles of joy, swaddling them in blankets soft as cotton balls….hush little baby don’t say a word.

So it will be with me today. And it’s funny because it’s the day before Thanksgiving and I have lots to do……


I have nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to figure out or improve on. My job today is to, quietly as I can, go about my day trusting in The Plan and remembering my lesson for today the hush of heaven holds my heart today.

I wish the same for you today as well.

Friendship Friday

Just recently a friend of mine declared,  “I’ve decided I’m going to make more time for my friends and I’m calling it Friendship Fridays!”

What a fantastic idea!  While everyone is busy doing life, time with friends can easily pass us by. Making time to fill your soul with the warmth, laughter and love of friends is a must do on our list!  Lets not cheat ourselves out of these experiences.

Declare a friendship day, put it on the calendar and guard it with your life. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly…..do it today!

My friendship prayer: Thank you God for these beautiful people you put in my life I call friends. Remind me to cherish these relationships like a delicate piece of crystal.