If you spot it, you got it

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung

If this statement causes you to swallow hard, squirm a little, take in a deep breath followed by an eye roll………you’re not alone.

Lets face it, people can really annoy us! We aren’t like those bad people!! Right???

“I don’t like working with this person. They’re so rude and negative!”

“I can’t believe she is going back with that guy. What’s it going to take for her to get her stuff together and move on with her life?”

“What kind of mother does that!” (fill in that blank)

“I don’t understand how they got themselves into so much debt. It’s so simple – don’t spend more than you take in!”

These are a few examples of things that can get me fired up (my face is flushed as I look at them because its all me in there). And although perfection is not the goal, I’m thankful to be graced with perseverance and  the willingness to change.  As Dr. Jung has stated, I have been lead into deeper understandings:

  • In the moment, when I am playing judge and jury, I’m simply feeding a “false sense of superiority” which provides my ego with a twisted pleasure.
  • I’m capable of every single bothersome behavior, whether it be from my past, present or future.
  • When I’m judging others, I am actually judging myself. Forgiveness is in order.

Although it sometimes feels impossible difficult to face,  I’m awakened to inspired Truth. There is no separation. We are all One.

So thanks and gratitude is in order for all those bothersome people. They really are my best teachers!

God I pray for the continued gift of awareness of judgments against myself and others. Help me to practice true Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

 friends dancing

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Never Ending


Life’s dark

Seemingly bad things happen

Light appears

Seemingly good things happen

Fallible perception

Sees an end

Hardly noticed  – the new beginning

Forever thinking; finite – shallow

Surrender’s painful, yet

Skyrockets into infinite power – grace – love

Again and again and again and again

Curious fight?!?

Wills collide Let the spark carry on!

photo by CBurns

Regrets, I’ve had a few

It’s hard to live a life without having regrets. Why?  Because we are human. But also because somewhere in us we believe that we should have all the answers at all times and should execute all of these things…….perfectly.

Rather pompous of us don’t ya think?

I especially get caught up in this when it comes to parenting. I mean we are molding a life for God’s sake! This is HUGE!!!!!!

And while yes it is……there is so much more going on than our parenting.

I was getting caught up in it myself today and then I am reminded with one of my readings;

Your Son is still as you created him…..and what can alter Holiness Itself?”

I know this to be true in my own personal life. I grew up in less than “perfect” conditions, followed suit, and lived a “troubled” life for many, many years.

Today I have proof that underneath it all is a perfect soul intact.

So while we have been conditioned, very thoroughly I might add, on what a person’s path is “supposed” to look like, there is no such thing.

While I still don’t like a lot of things, I see how much of that is my ego in play because today I have a deeper belief that at all times-in every situation-we are all doing the best we can with what we have.

So maybe regrets are reminders I need to forgive myself and others because there is nothing we could have done to another or that another could have done to us for that matter, that can change the fact that we are still as God created us underneath it all.

And that is Perfection.

Thoughts for today

I’m the type of person who thinks a lot . Probably too much, although I can’t be positive as I’ve never been in a thought count comparative study. I do feel, however, mine run rampant.

An example would be constantly thinking about situations with close personal relationships that seem to have endless twists and turns. Just when I think I might have made some progress, peace and/or acceptance and can go back into the water….da dum, da dum….shark!!!

And I continue to think, think, think….maybe it’s time to just end this relationship? Maybe it’s me and I need to be more compassionate? I’ve been wronged! I’ve wronged them! How about I jump in my car and just keep driving?!?!

It gets overwhelming to say the least. Thankfully, (thank you God) I have other big thinkers in my life who admit the same challenges – sometimes laughing, sometimes crying – but all the while saying, “Is this learning/growing/changing process ever going to be done!?!?

And I think sometimes how can I continue on this path when I’m so tired, disappointed and sometimes just plain angry?

 Then today a useful thought washes over my weary, caring and overwhelmed mind.

One day at a time. That’s how.

If need be, one hour at a time and when necessary, one minute at a time.

Feeling renewed and refreshed by this concept which I KNOW to be true as well as effective, I will go about my day knowing:

Everything is not as difficult as I think it is –I don’t have to worry about what the future holds – I don’t have to know how I will ever get along with so and so for the rest of my life – I don’t have to have all the answers right here and now.

I can breathe, relax, sit back, watch the show and eat the popcorn. I can live my life in increments and handle all of life’s situations trusting I am doing the best I can and God will do the “real” work.

 These are my thoughts for today.


You are breaths of fresh air; sweet and delicate.

You are reminders to be grateful for the little things.

You are examples of wonder, confidence and patience.

You are unyielding symbols of hope and perseverance.

You are teachers, demonstrating neither you nor I will act perfectly in our humanness.

You are love and forgiveness.

You are my significant others.

You are my children.

I talk to my Self

Today was a primo day to be outside. I was thoroughly enjoying my walk/jog….walk/jog session, when I noticed the inner dialogue between me and my Self.

Look at these trees! Aww hey little chipmunk buddy…this is so wonderful, I am so blessed!

Yes, blessed.…. chipmunks always remind me of Mary. What was that again she was saying to me the other day? I think it was more of how she said it, so smug. I mean who the hell does she think she is?

Forgiveness is in order. I forgive Mary for not being perfect and I forgive myself for the same.

And what about you? Who do you think you are having this time for yourself? Taking these walks….you should probably start thinking about being a little more productive…..

Ha! Gotcha my little ego. Thank you God for my life and where I’m at today in my life and for all this glory around me!

Soon I came upon the opening I use to and from the bike path. Its’ a fairly wide, unpaved clearing with a vortex of greenery engulfing the length of it; my favorite part of the journey.

Walking somewhat fast, I once again reminded my self;

Slow down, you’ve done a good job, take this in, perfect beauty all around you. This is all for you. You deserve all of this!

It is a dreamy place, filled with peace, song birds, and the rustling noises of the squirrels chasing one another, jaws stuffed with nuts. Multi-colored fallen leaves paved the way, softening my every step. Pure magnificence!

I’m sure there’s dog poop along here somewhere with these people who don’t pick up after their pets, sssooo rude!……better keep looking down…..make sure I don’t step in it…….

And so it continued……..magnificence…..dog poop..….magnificence…..dog poop…..magnificence…dog poop…..

The familiar pattern of my spirituality.