Awakening Analogy

curved rd

One of the things I love to do is ride my bike on the bike path near my home.

So peaceful being out in nature with the birds singing, chipmunks playing and occasionally; silence.

Pure Bliss.

As I travel along my merry way, I come across many others on this same path. Some are also biking by themselves, with a companion or with children. Others jog; alone or in pairs. Some power walk, dog walk or push baby strollers. Then there are the occasional roller bladers.

And last, but certainly not least, the people who are just out taking a leisurely stroll.

Most are strangers but I appreciate my fellow bike “pathers” as we all engage in our outdoor activities – all of us in it together – enjoying life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

All of us using the path exactly how we see fit.

I breeze through giving a nod, a smile and the occasion hello. I have no problem with the course any of them are taking, the speed they’re going or by whatever means they choose to get from point A to point B.

I have no problem with them passing me up or slowing me down.

No problem with them what-so-ever.

So what if?

What if I could take this same mentality and practice it as I travel along with the ones close to me on the life path? What if I could learn to respect everyone’s individual journey? Accept how they move through their own life; slow-paced, fast-paced and even the ones who are just out for a leisurely stroll?

What if instead of trying to change and manipulate them into traveling the life path the way I think they should, I could instead breeze through giving a nod, a smile, a hug and an occasional “I love you”?

It’s certainly the makings of what I seek on the path in the first place; Peace of mind.

Could it all be this simple?

I pray as I travel though my days to bring forth the love, acceptance and patience I show strangers on the bike path to my loved ones on the life path.



Attitude Adjustment

My 6-year-old granddaughter and I have an open dialogue about random life stuff and things we don’t understand.

Once in a while I will even share one of my daily readings with her if I think she will “get it” (BTW she gets it better than I do).

Yesterday she grabbed one of my books, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.

“Oh grandma, I like this one,” she says as she brings the opened book my way.

Think of what you have instead of what you want


“Yes this sure is a good one.” (and just what I needed I might add)

I’ve been really caught up in negativity and nonacceptance. There’s a lot of fearful thoughts going on about just about everything and once I get on a roll  -watch out-  Avalanche!!!!!

Today I’m going right into the solution as my granddaughter has CLEARLY led me to, starting with a plain ol’ gratitude list.

Thank you my wise, beautiful granddaughter. As usual, just when I think I’m teaching them…….

What do you do to help get yourself out of the quicksand of negativity? Do Tell 🙂


thank you

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I have a perception problem

Perception: ‘an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought’.

Although I have “come along way baby”, I am not yet an automatic positive thinker. That is something I strive for and work at to achieve. My tendency is to lean toward the negative, darker side.

Knowing this as I go through my daily life’s happenings and come across different situations, I try to pay attention to where my thoughts are.

For instance, when interacting with a troublesome person in my life I can think of them as judgemental and unloving (and a whole bunch of other things but my blog is G rated) – or – I can think of them as an innocent child doing the best they can, sending love their way.

Both of these are my perception. Which one is truthful? They both are to me. They both “appear” to be true at any given moment. Hence my perception problem.

The good news is I have a choice. Which do I want to believe?

And now that I’m getting further into the holiday season with all the different gatherings I’ll be attending, I pray to remember:

A) If I have an attitude about a person, place or thing- my perception is off. It’s best at this point to smile, keep quiet and

Pray to think more loving thoughts


B) I start to feel those loving thoughts and have a better understanding of that same person, place or thing – and then – only good things will follow.

music note   ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Fa la la la la la la la la!

Fresh Starts

fresh starts

Sometimes being on the road less travelled sucks.

That’s how I felt yesterday anyway. Yesterday it felt like it would be easier to:

  1. move to the other side of the world where no one knows me or
  2. give in and live my life to the un-fullest

I didn’t do either and all I can say is “thank God” because what a difference a day makes!

Today is another story. Today I’m living in yet another “fresh start”.

It’s interesting how prior to fresh starts life (or my thinking anyway) can get quite brutal. The questioning, the doubt, the “how dare they”, the justifications, the anger, the two steps forward, the three steps back.

The frustrations, the tears, the “maybe it’s not that bad”, the hurt feelings, the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.

And then-the biggest one of them all-the powerlessness.

It feels so much like failure, but it’s not. It’s just life. It’s why I need a higher power in my life and why I need to include other seekers in my quest for change.

So today I took a step, (again) into what feels to be the solution. I refuse to give up. I refuse to stay in darkness when I know there’s light. I refuse to be dragged backwards. By some miracle I’ve seen the light and I believe in it and no amount of pressures or negative influences are going to turn me around.

Today, I know better – not just in my head – but in my heart and soul.

I love, love, love, fresh starts. Filled with hope, promise and if I’m to be honest, fear. But with the help of others on these less travelled roads, together we build momentum, creating cracks in the stone walls of dysfunctional systems allowing slivers of light to seep thru.

I pray to remember in times of discouragement that I’d rather be on this road any day over the road I used to travel. I believe this is where God wants me to be too, skipping along in the light, happy and free.


Grateful for You

photo by CBurns

Drawn to you by an invisible string

  on a different level you taught me.

Confusion and doubt filled my every crevice-

  Blind faith had my back.

I trudged and I scrambled and I twisted and screamed

  inside was my drama you knew all too well.

Believing just enough to take the next step

  you stood by – trusting

Hope was just around the corner.

Through the light I say, “How can I ever repay?”

“Pass it on if truly grateful.” And I Am.

My mentor, my friend, my angel from God.

Thank you my Donna for being you.


To skip or not to skip

The other day I was feeling a little down, tired (dare I say depressed) ….and….it was also “watch the grandchildren day”. They are the cutest, sweetest little things, ages 6 and 3, but anyone with any experience in this arena knows, it’s a lot.

Refusing to give into my familiar downward spiral of negativity, I take an action contrary to how I feel and take them to the park. As I’m watching them (from the bench) run and climb, I realize I’m sooooo not in the moment. How do I know this? Because I’m still feeling so damn cranky.

Apparently the spiral had more momentum then I realized and more negative thoughts enter.  I start to judge myself, thinking about some of the “tips” I’ve conveyed on my blog and then I’m reminded, Hey…maybe you should “Go Vertical”…….ha!

But I don’t feel like doing that because I don’t think it’s going to work……Even though I know it does work because I’ve used it before.

Already tired of myself, I just do it; I Go Vertical. It took a couple of attempts, but of course it worked.  Everything begins to look and feel different because there’s an actual shift made – lining me up smack dab in the moment.

And in the moment, all is well.

Before you know it, the kids both gravitated towards me (hhhmmmm) and my granddaughter decides to tell me a knock knock joke.  Now if you can’t appreciate a 30+ year old knock knock joke, being told as if for the first time ever by a 6 year old, then you do have a real bad case of “self”.

Once again I’m reminded I can trudge or I can skip; I have a choice. Sit in my crap or pick up one of my life tools and try to….have a nice day.   Oh and by the way….

knock knock

who’s there?


banana who?

knock knock

who’s there?


banana who?

knock knock

who’s there?


orange who?

orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?

(Going Vertical; a post worth reading again)