Something to consider

You don’t have to earn love

You just have to accept it





Never Ending


Life’s dark

Seemingly bad things happen

Light appears

Seemingly good things happen

Fallible perception

Sees an end

Hardly noticed  – the new beginning

Forever thinking; finite – shallow

Surrender’s painful, yet

Skyrockets into infinite power – grace – love

Again and again and again and again

Curious fight?!?

Wills collide Let the spark carry on!

photo by CBurns

Magnificent Moon

moon and wolf

 Evening arrives bringing along its eminent darkness.

 Stepping onto the porch, I smile as the fireflies dance to the cricket’s tune.

 The cobalt glow transmitting through the light-less street could only mean one thing.

Suspense fills me as I play peek-a-boo with the tall trees, searching for a clearing.

Creation is undeniable in the presence of the magnificent full moon.

Image courtesy of nixxphotography /

Naked Tree

naked tree 2

As the tree stands in all it’s nakedness
I think
look how vulnerable its making itself
for all the world to see

Could I ever be so bold, so brash
to stand firm in my knowing
that I am perfection?

Oh naked tree
even you are here to show me, teach me
to stand strong in my glory

Look at my intricate form
no other like me in this world
standing bare I show you
its desirable to reveal


For it is all you and it is all me
oh naked tree
thank you
thank you for bringing me