Communication is the key

To communicate: the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.

Okay so, verbal communicating is not my strong suit. I’m much better at writing than talking about what’s going on upstairs (sometimes considered a rough neighborhood and should be entered with extreme caution).

Of course I cannot chronically write, throwing notes at people all day and I cannot stay silent……..indefinitely anyway.  I must communicate via talk and the fundamental importance of this form of connecting was brought to my attention in a big way while spending time with my 3 year old grandson.

He wanted something to eat and was trying to tell me with his limited ability to pronounce some words correctly. For a minute there, we were having a heck of a time.

You want an apple?”

Rapidly shaking his head, “NO!” (he had that word down.) Tratker.”

Ummmm….a cookie?” (Silly grandma)

He was insistent, “Tratker!”

Well I know you don’t want to eat a tractor!”

He actually smirked at me.

Ok I’m sorry baby,” I said as I escorted him into the kitchen where he single-handedly swung open the cabinet door, pointed to the top shelf and looked at me as if I was the one with the problem.

Ohhhh,” I looked down at him and smiled. “Cracker!”

Tratker!” he clasped together his sweet little hands in triumphant victory.

And what a victory it was! Finally, after all the confusion and mystery, we made the connection.

I felt it through my entire being and it appeared he did too. We were both then satisfied and happy that our efforts and willingness to hang in there with each other paid off.

Maybe the innocence of this situation is what really awakened me to our primal need of not only understanding but of being understood. I can tell you we both had somewhat of a wall between us during our confusion but once we connected – we were in love again 🙂

BONUS: He got to eat his tratker.

Whatever the situation – in life – conversations have to be had. Most of the time more than one conversation has to be had (ugh). A lot of the time the same topics have to be talked about again and again (ugh ugh).

Whether addressing an issue in a friendship, expressing my feelings to my spouse (heads up honey) or my grandchild looking for a tasty cracker, it seems it still remains; communication is the key.

drew with cracker


Awakening Analogy

curved rd

One of the things I love to do is ride my bike on the bike path near my home.

So peaceful being out in nature with the birds singing, chipmunks playing and occasionally; silence.

Pure Bliss.

As I travel along my merry way, I come across many others on this same path. Some are also biking by themselves, with a companion or with children. Others jog; alone or in pairs. Some power walk, dog walk or push baby strollers. Then there are the occasional roller bladers.

And last, but certainly not least, the people who are just out taking a leisurely stroll.

Most are strangers but I appreciate my fellow bike “pathers” as we all engage in our outdoor activities – all of us in it together – enjoying life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

All of us using the path exactly how we see fit.

I breeze through giving a nod, a smile and the occasion hello. I have no problem with the course any of them are taking, the speed they’re going or by whatever means they choose to get from point A to point B.

I have no problem with them passing me up or slowing me down.

No problem with them what-so-ever.

So what if?

What if I could take this same mentality and practice it as I travel along with the ones close to me on the life path? What if I could learn to respect everyone’s individual journey? Accept how they move through their own life; slow-paced, fast-paced and even the ones who are just out for a leisurely stroll?

What if instead of trying to change and manipulate them into traveling the life path the way I think they should, I could instead breeze through giving a nod, a smile, a hug and an occasional “I love you”?

It’s certainly the makings of what I seek on the path in the first place; Peace of mind.

Could it all be this simple?

I pray as I travel though my days to bring forth the love, acceptance and patience I show strangers on the bike path to my loved ones on the life path.


Meditation Anxiety

 yoga squireel

I often talk with women who are trying to live life on a more spiritual level but when the subject of meditation comes up, some say they’d like to try but aren’t sure about it. Some even admit they are downright afraid.

“What if when I get quiet, God “tells” me to do something I don’t want to do like become a missionary? I don’t want to do that so if I’m not going to do what God wants, why bother trying to listen?”

Most of these same women have family obligations that keep them in plenty of “service work” of which on a spiritual level, abandoning?? doesn’t seem likely. From what I’ve experienced also is if we are called to do something, we are given the Strength we need and then realize it was brewing in our heart of hearts anyway.

Another dilemma is,  “How?? Do I have to sit in a yoga position under a tree for hours with my eyes closed having the tips of my middle fingers pressed to the tips of my thumbs trying to avoid scratching an itch? I have a hard enough time getting back up after I’ve squatted down to get a bowl out of the bottom cabinet!”

Well……..some people do meditate that way and maybe that will be something one might like to work one’s way up to but there are many forms and ways to meditate. No doubt it is hard for most especially in the beginning.

I’ve found meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Losing myself in an activity; walking, biking, writing, drawing, playing a musical instrument and dancing are all forms of meditation as well as sitting in silence with eyes closed using my breath as a focal point.

Most of us have done all of the above not even realizing we were actually in a meditative state!

The reality is when we LOSE ourselves in whatever form of mediation that feels right to us individually, we find TRUTH. We will REMEMBER we are innocent and this remembrance offers with it peace, love and joy. And that is what I believe God is trying to “say” to us first and foremost.

What form of mediation has worked best for you?

Attitude Adjustment

My 6-year-old granddaughter and I have an open dialogue about random life stuff and things we don’t understand.

Once in a while I will even share one of my daily readings with her if I think she will “get it” (BTW she gets it better than I do).

Yesterday she grabbed one of my books, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.

“Oh grandma, I like this one,” she says as she brings the opened book my way.

Think of what you have instead of what you want


“Yes this sure is a good one.” (and just what I needed I might add)

I’ve been really caught up in negativity and nonacceptance. There’s a lot of fearful thoughts going on about just about everything and once I get on a roll  -watch out-  Avalanche!!!!!

Today I’m going right into the solution as my granddaughter has CLEARLY led me to, starting with a plain ol’ gratitude list.

Thank you my wise, beautiful granddaughter. As usual, just when I think I’m teaching them…….

What do you do to help get yourself out of the quicksand of negativity? Do Tell 🙂


thank you

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That which does not kill you


The world breaks everyone and afterward many are stronger in the broken places.
Ernest Hemingway

Does anyone escape this life experience unscathed? Is that possible? I doubt it. Life is life and in it “shit happens”.

Some of us get sick and tired of the “obstacles” put in our way. Sick and tired of watching others struggle as well. Sometimes its the everyday stuff. Sometimes sickness. Other times GREAT loses or despicable circumstances.

We feel like just giving up and we do, some of us……for awhile….

We sit in our crap, roll around in it sometimes even cradle it and call it home. “The cards dealt I guess….” we mumble.

But we know this is not acceptable. And from somewhere (where? who or what is saying this is not acceptable? where is this coming from?) we hear the call to arms – suit up and call in our Army – taking another stab at this story called LIFE.

Here’s the kicker:

Hindsight proves THESE HURDLES are the very things that have cracked us open to experience the purest love, peace and joy we’ve ever known – ultimately leaving us with greater compassion and strength.

To do what with?

Help others is all I can figure.

But I’m just someone who writes in a blog once in awhile. You’ll have to decide for your self.




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Wake up and smell the coffee

True happiness is always in the “right now” of this moment. The ego is always anticipating completion and satisfaction in the future “when” a desire gets fulfilled. -Along the Path to Enlightenment, David R. Hawkins.

I welcome daily readings and other REMINDERS of this sort. My spiritual tank operates like a sieve, requiring steadfast replenishment or I forget, become stagnant, empty. My ego on the other hand, never seems to run out……

I constantly get caught up in the “when”. When I finish the next home improvement project, when I lose a few more pounds, when I finish writing my book, when I have more money, when I go on vacation………THEN I’ll enjoy myself. THEN I’ll have fun. THEN I’ll be happy.

Sounds kinda dumb now that I look at it here on paper.

But-it’s what I do. Repeatedly. And If I’m not “on the beam” so to speak, I can miss out on ALOT.

And it’s not just the big stuff, it’s in the small, everyday things, too. Take yesterday for instance.

I desired for my young son to put his clean clothes away that were on the stairs. I did feel, once he put the clothes away, I’d be satisfied and happy. He had other ideas.

He decided to get his big full/queen size comforter and play with our 70 pound black lab on the stairs right where his two piles of folded clothes were that he “forgot” to put away the night before.

Of course I was getting frustrated, “Ahhh…come on, just put the clothes away first would ya?”

But he was already fully engaged with the dog. On the stairs. Where all the folded clothes were!

Then it hit me. This is the first time in a couple of weeks he didn’t run to the iPod first thing in the morning. Instead he was having some good old fashion fun with his dog. And I REALIZED…so what if they knock the clothes over? We fold them again??

Once I was awakened to my limited view on the situation, I was able to let go and be in the “right now” sipping my coffee and enjoying my son having fun with his dog before he had to go spend the next 7 hours in the public school system.

And guess what else?

They never did knock the clothes over and when he was finished with his fun time, he brought the clothes to his room.

This may seem like a small example, but is it really? My day is made up of small scenarios throughout the day and its the small stuff that adds up to one full day.

So if I can plug into daily reminders through readings, prayers and/or another human understanding voice, I stand a better chance of being awakened to the true happiness that awaits me in all of the “right now” moments of life.