Catch me I’m falling

tightrope walker

“I just can’t seem to keep my life in balance. If I’m doing good in one area, next thing you know I’m slipping in another. Rarely does it feel just “right” and I’m purring on all 8 cylinders. I MUST be doing something wrong.”

Sound familiar? We love to strive for perfection don’t we? Trying to “succeed” in all arenas of life. Some of us try so hard for it, we don’t even know what we are even doing anymore. Next thing you know we are beating ourselves up because we perceive that we are failing at life (work, parenting, friendships, love life, etc.).

Balance is nice, yes. It feels so good when we have those moments of perfection and feel the brilliance of ourselves. How utterly fantastic we are keeping all those plates spinning. So talented…….

Alas, one plate falls. We scramble to pick it up and get it going again……..crash. There goes another one.

And so on…..

Okay I know, I know, we still want balance!! Okay so what if.

What if we could actually live our lives in complete balance, all the time, every day. Then what?

I’ll tell you what.


Lets look at a tight rope walker. Does he or she stay exactly in the middle – completely balanced the entire length of the walk? NO! They go a little to one side, then to the other, reveling in moments of complete balance in between.

That’s the fun and exciting part of watching a tight rope walker. Watching them TRY to stay balanced!! And although I’m not a tight rope walker per say…….I’d imagine the exhilaration of TRYING to stay balanced is why they do it in the first place!

So I am making a plea. Can we please stop making such a big deal about balance?

And while we’re at it……that goes for our meals, too. Sometimes ice cream for dinner is EXACTLY what my heart and soul needs.

How about you? Do you think balance is all it’s cracked up to be?


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9 thoughts on “Catch me I’m falling

  1. Life is too short! Eat dessert first!

    I know exactly this feeling: Trying to succeed in all arenas of life. While trying to balance everything all at once.

    It doesn’t work. Life is all about changes and one minutes things can be perfect and then in an instant they are a disaster! I say go with the flow, imagine how you want your life to be, and then let it be. Life is always changing.

    I love this post.


  2. I appreciate the acknowledgment of perfection and wanting everything to be perfect in every area. I do not like the feeling of beating my self up when its not how it “should” be. I’ve bern trying to live by one of the 4 agreements: always do your best, it helps to get rid of the critic and leaves me content with how things are….balanced or not. Thank you for providing me a chance to reflect on that. 😉

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    1. I read somewhere that the word “should” needs to be taken out of the English language! It’s a hypothetical and therefore void of reality. I appreciate your insight. Thanks for stopping by!


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