That which does not kill you


The world breaks everyone and afterward many are stronger in the broken places.
Ernest Hemingway

Does anyone escape this life experience unscathed? Is that possible? I doubt it. Life is life and in it “shit happens”.

Some of us get sick and tired of the “obstacles” put in our way. Sick and tired of watching others struggle as well. Sometimes its the everyday stuff. Sometimes sickness. Other times GREAT loses or despicable circumstances.

We feel like just giving up and we do, some of us……for awhile….

We sit in our crap, roll around in it sometimes even cradle it and call it home. “The cards dealt I guess….” we mumble.

But we know this is not acceptable. And from somewhere (where? who or what is saying this is not acceptable? where is this coming from?) we hear the call to arms – suit up and call in our Army – taking another stab at this story called LIFE.

Here’s the kicker:

Hindsight proves THESE HURDLES are the very things that have cracked us open to experience the purest love, peace and joy we’ve ever known – ultimately leaving us with greater compassion and strength.

To do what with?

Help others is all I can figure.

But I’m just someone who writes in a blog once in awhile. You’ll have to decide for your self.




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13 thoughts on “That which does not kill you

  1. I will be so glad when I have a resurrected body and don’t have to “these experiences” in order to crucify–kill my flesh. Like you said, it’s only in hindsight we understand the “beauty” these experiences added to our lives.


  2. Wooooow baby!! !I like what you wrote. That felt like it came from down deep. It hit me deep. Thanks for sharing girlfriend.
    And…Have a beautiful Mothers Day!


  3. Hi Cheryl,

    What a great story and a great reminder to not rush through life to get to the next ‘thing.’ All we have is the here and now and why not enjoy every moment? It sure makes life a lot sweeter when we do so.



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