Wake up and smell the coffee

True happiness is always in the “right now” of this moment. The ego is always anticipating completion and satisfaction in the future “when” a desire gets fulfilled. -Along the Path to Enlightenment, David R. Hawkins.

I welcome daily readings and other REMINDERS of this sort. My spiritual tank operates like a sieve, requiring steadfast replenishment or I forget, become stagnant, empty. My ego on the other hand, never seems to run out……

I constantly get caught up in the “when”. When I finish the next home improvement project, when I lose a few more pounds, when I finish writing my book, when I have more money, when I go on vacation………THEN I’ll enjoy myself. THEN I’ll have fun. THEN I’ll be happy.

Sounds kinda dumb now that I look at it here on paper.

But-it’s what I do. Repeatedly. And If I’m not “on the beam” so to speak, I can miss out on ALOT.

And it’s not just the big stuff, it’s in the small, everyday things, too. Take yesterday for instance.

I desired for my young son to put his clean clothes away that were on the stairs. I did feel, once he put the clothes away, I’d be satisfied and happy. He had other ideas.

He decided to get his big full/queen size comforter and play with our 70 pound black lab on the stairs right where his two piles of folded clothes were that he “forgot” to put away the night before.

Of course I was getting frustrated, “Ahhh…come on, just put the clothes away first would ya?”

But he was already fully engaged with the dog. On the stairs. Where all the folded clothes were!

Then it hit me. This is the first time in a couple of weeks he didn’t run to the iPod first thing in the morning. Instead he was having some good old fashion fun with his dog. And I REALIZED…so what if they knock the clothes over? We fold them again??

Once I was awakened to my limited view on the situation, I was able to let go and be in the “right now” sipping my coffee and enjoying my son having fun with his dog before he had to go spend the next 7 hours in the public school system.

And guess what else?

They never did knock the clothes over and when he was finished with his fun time, he brought the clothes to his room.

This may seem like a small example, but is it really? My day is made up of small scenarios throughout the day and its the small stuff that adds up to one full day.

So if I can plug into daily reminders through readings, prayers and/or another human understanding voice, I stand a better chance of being awakened to the true happiness that awaits me in all of the “right now” moments of life.


12 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the coffee

  1. lyn

    I learned at a young age how life can be taken so quickly!
    I learned as an adult to enjoy the moment!
    Who`s to say if we`ll have tonight or tomorrow or next week.
    So yes it’s not always easy, but magical when we can!!!!


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