Naked Tree

naked tree 2

As the tree stands in all it’s nakedness
I think
look how vulnerable its making itself
for all the world to see

Could I ever be so bold, so brash
to stand firm in my knowing
that I am perfection?

Oh naked tree
even you are here to show me, teach me
to stand strong in my glory

Look at my intricate form
no other like me in this world
standing bare I show you
its desirable to reveal


For it is all you and it is all me
oh naked tree
thank you
thank you for bringing me



8 thoughts on “Naked Tree

  1. lyn

    So very true!
    That reminds me of the contestants on the biggest loser
    How they bare all for everyone to see when they make that first weigh in.


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  3. Anonymous

    you are SO good! I loved it! I love trees and the naked ones especially because they help me through the winter months. I see God when I look in the snow covered forest. All the woods without their leaves are from God’s “Everyday Collection”. His “bare naked furniture” for us to care for, and the animals to take shelter in. strong and secure and perfect and beautifully balanced.


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