Lighten up!


I was talking with an amazing friend of mine and she said something I deal with myself.

   “It feels like with everything I have to do everyday, things just keep piling up. It all feels so heavy.”

As smart, strong and awesome humans we can easily fall into the groove of taking everything on ourselves – to the point –  we forget about including our Higher Power. How do you know you’re doing it?

Life feels   Heavy.

Make the shift. Start by doing something silly. Draw a  picture full of stick people, watch a cartoon, bake funny cookies  or make a necklace out of cereal and eat it.

L i g h t e n   u p!

And pray…..

Hello God. I know you never forget about me, but apparently I forget about you. Ooops! Please help me with all my relationships, work and play. Thanks!

photo by CBurns

8 thoughts on “Lighten up!

  1. Thanks for the reminder! We all get wrapped up in our own little worlds and our problems, it helps to have someone else tell us to “lighten up.”

    P.S. I’m especially enjoying this advice, as I look out the window to another big snowstorm!


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