Gifts are everywhere


Each day a thousand treasures come to me at every passing moment. -A Course in Miracles

What good is a gift if it’s not received? If it sits unopened? This is often my dilemma. They’re there, but I can’t “see” them let alone enjoy them.

Practicing gratitude is a way to remove the blinders and receive the gifts that continually come my way. It does take practice though, as for me, it doesn’t come natural. Not YET anyway.

But I do know how to practice, it’s not impossible. I practice negative thoughts, patterns and habits quite often. And when I do I’m so blind, I walk right past my treasures. Some days I may even trip over them and say, “who put those damn gifts in my way!”

Today I pray to see through the eyes of my Infinite Source the many gifts given to me on a moment to moment basis. I pray to remember to treat today like a treasure hunt and find them all!


photo from google images

4 thoughts on “Gifts are everywhere

  1. Michelle

    I’m glad I took the time to stop and read this while quickly scrolling through my 398 emails. Well said Cheryl and so true. Thanks for the reminder. Love Ya, XO


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