Kids are literally hilarious

oh no

Have you ever found yourself taking life a little too seriously? We can all get caught up in trying to be the perfect “Fantasy Family”. Leave it to our children to bring us back to reality.

Take my family for instance. Inadvertently, we started an annoying practice of yelling throughout the house as a form of communicating to each other.

Finally, I had enough of the loudness and declared, “No more yelling. From now on when we need to talk to each other, we will use our inside voices.”

At the time, my youngest was five years old and he quickly forgot the new rule as he shouted from another room, “Mmmooommm, mmmooommm, mmmoooommm!”

Determined to make this work, I did not respond. It didn’t take him long to catch on and come over to see me.

Feeling proud of myself, I softly told him, “You know you are wasting your breath when you yell like that.”

Oh no, mommy!” he panicked. “How many do I have left?”


photo from bing images

6 thoughts on “Kids are literally hilarious

  1. What a cute story! Yes, leave it to the kids to make us stop and think. Our little 4 year old neighbor is good for that too. When it snows and we old folks get cranky, I just have to look out the window and see him with a big ;smile on his face, running around in circles in the snow. I can’t help but smile then myself.



  2. marylu

    I remember telling my first born son that we were going to have new baby and he got sad and said “please don’t, I want to keep the one we have now.” (He was referring to his younger brother.:-))


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