Remembering Self


It’s so easy to get caught up and stuck in our small self, living our lives from that limited view.

We forget who we really are as the ego tells us how we didn’t do this and we didn’t do that the “right” way. It abuses us, if we let it, dictating how we should be smarter or prettier or richer. The list is endless.

And the list is false. Always.

I feel the urge to write this is because a friend of mine passed away Tuesday morning and I  wanted to write something in remembrance of her life and about all things beautiful about her.

Then it hit me, she never FULLY knew it. And so it is with a lot of us.

So in memory of my beautiful, kindhearted friend, why not take this time to remember our True Selves today? Right now, while we are still on this earth.

Today let’s remember what Miracles we all Truly are. Magnificent in the Uniqueness we each possess with deep Wisdom available in our Heart of Hearts whenever we choose to stop and listen.

Let’s remember the Endless Reservoir of Love consistently flowing, calling and welcoming us  to sit, fill up and pass along. Let’s remember our Perfection.

This is who we really are. We are worthy. Today, let’s try and remember, shall we?

In memory of Colleen, an unforgettable soul. You will be missed.


7 thoughts on “Remembering Self

  1. lyn

    Wow that was beautiful and so very true!!!
    May she be pain free and at peace with her maker!!
    And might I add how beautiful you are and your
    Spirit and soul!!! I am blessed to have you as a friendin my life!…
    As we get older, we get busier and time just goes by and we don’t make it a priority to take time to say…..
    I appreciatte you…..
    Thank you for all that you do for us……….
    So thank you for this beautiful writing
    And for being my friend
    And for all that you are…… xo


  2. A few months after my husband’s passing he was recognized in a ceremony by the FBI. After leaving the ceremony, I was both sad and angry that this didn’t occur while he was on this earth. Since then I have been more intentional with my life and words of appreciation. Have a great day!


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