Spiritual Simplicity


What is spirituality? I have a tendency to look too deep for it, making it unattainable and complicated. While it is mysterious in a lot of ways, spiritual happenings are frequent and can appear in small simple ways.

Each person’s path is their own and as I reflect back on my life, the Divine is very apparent. I now know that is why I took such interest in one special little book.

I was around 8 years old and at bedtime, I’d excitedly take this book off a small wooden bookshelf and crawl into bed. It immediately gave me comfort like a warm, soft blanket.

Like a ritual I’d study it, first letting my fingertips glide across its slick, jet black cover, then over to the gold stenciled words A Prayer Book For You. I thought it was so beautiful especially how when closed, the gold-edged pages formed a solid golden band.

But what was this really all about?

Could I have already been searching for some kind of answers in my life at that time? Apparently I was looking for something as I embark on learning “The Lord’s Prayer”. This went on night after night until I finally had it memorized.

So how does a little girl intuitively know these things? We were not a religious family. Why that particular book? How did it end up in my hands? Was it by chance? Or was it the beginning of some hope being revealed to a little girl by a higher, unexplainable power?

Spirituality doesn’t have to be seen as a hidden secret accessible to only a select few. It’s available to anyone open to it and it’s everywhere!

If you’re paying attention you can find it in a child’s eyes, a delicate flower, a so-called problem, the perfect timing of the right person being put in your life at the right time or even a shiny black prayer book.

What about you? Would you like to share your idea of spiritual simplicity?


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