Its in the follow through

Have you ever felt “frozen” in regards to dealing with a situation in your life? I know I have. It’s as if I’m completely unable or unwilling to do anything about “it” whatever “it” may be.

The reason this happens is because I get overwhelmed and when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I avoid or shut down and then…. I start to lose all proper prospective.

What I have experienced, as well as so many others I’ve talked to, is nine out of ten times the solution is right in front of us…and it’s usually something small.

So what gives?

It “appears” it will not work because I have big problems and I need big answers.

I’ve heard it said, “Have you ever tried to swallow a whole watermelon? No! You cut it in pieces!”

Think about one of your problems. Do you already have the solution but just haven’t followed through?

For example, did you miss another appointment? Do you have a calendar that you just haven’t utilized? Or are you still saying yes to things when you can say no?

Have you told yourself you want to start exercising and eating better but haven’t? Can you start small by taking a walk and buying some fresh fruit?

Have you told your son or daughter if they forget their homework again, they will lose a privilege? Has that privilege been taken away?

Are you in a toxic situation but don’t know how to live any other way? Can you talk to a trusted friend, counselor or minister/priest?

Start small and see what happens. Keeping things simple is usually the best way to go.

God, please help me take the action today of following through.



2 thoughts on “Its in the follow through

  1. lyn

    Just what i needed to read today! Just was thinking about how glad i dont have to have xmas just shop for gifts! Wish i could go hibernate in a cave and wake up in the spring 30 lbs lighter!!!!!!!!! Now i just need to FOLLOW THROUGH!!!!!!!! Yea right………..


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