Listening Skills

It’s hard not to give our two cents in some situations isn’t it?

I was out with some friends and we were talking about our struggles on the subject.

“God I just wanted to get in there so bad and tell him what he should do about his troubled friend. I literally bit my tongue and I’m so glad I did. After he finished telling me what was going on, he realized on his own, the best thing to do was to detach with love and not send any money.”

Knowing what patience is in one thing, actually practicing it is another. So often we want to get there with our opinions on matters letting everyone know what we think and in essence, wanting them to think the same way we do!

Doesn’t it make much more sense to let people experience their own truths – even if we think they are making a mistake?

Today I will practice listening. The next time someone is telling me about their latest dilemma, I will try to refrain from adding my opinions. I think I may notice most of the time, no one is asking me for them anyway.

My prayer; God help me to listen with my heart and not my head. Help me to keep my mouth shut 🙂




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