Take a chill pill…

photo by MBurns
photo by MBurns

I spend alot of time talking with women who, like myself, are trying to live a better way of life while rebuilding a relationship with a Higher Power. It always amazes me how alike we all are.

A typical topic of conversation; “I feel like I’m trying so hard to stay positive and happy about my purpose in life, but I’m not seeing the results. I’m still tired all the time, I’m frustrated and I feel this isn’t working.”

We try so hard don’t we? Herein’ lies some of our problems. Pushing, struggling, trying to make it happen, whatever it is.

Maybe its time to put the oars in the boat and let the stream carry you away. Maybe it’s just that simple.

It’s never a bad idea to add meditation to the mix. Meditate quietly for at least 15 minutes. Envision letting go. Plan a day with no plans. It may seem counterproductive, but what have you got to lose?

Include a prayer: You take this God, I’m done.






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