True Happiness

Happiness is an inside job – William Arthur Ward

It’s so easy to get caught up in hoping, believing, wishing outside stuff to be the source of our happiness, even when we know better.

Some years ago I’d drive down tree lined streets, envying the family’s doing their yard work together. “How perfect everything would be if I could just live in a house like that one.” I’d say.

A wise friend would often tell me, “You’re comparing your insides to their outsides.”

I couldn’t totally grasp what she was trying to teach me. After all, I’d been a lost soul for a long time. It had become ingrained thinking if I only had this or that, then I would finally be happy.

Deep down though I think I always knew it was a lie but it kept me going until I surrendered to the awareness that the true source of happiness is that place- deep down.

Fast forward many moons and spiritual teachings later I have made tons of inside progress as well as outside. More often than not,I am happy and contented.

But….I can still “go there”.

Today the circumstances are different but the feelings are the same. Thankfully so is the attainable solution, happiness is an inside job.

Every day I take time to tap into Source and experience real happiness by forgiving and remembering to practice gratitude.

Because deep down I know the Truth and I will surrender as many times as needed to the knowingness I hold-deep down.


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