Are You Really Available?

Please, stay with me on this rant.

I am repeatedly overwhelmed by the meaning of the word, available. Especially (and dare I sound like my grandma for a minute) in this day and age!

And maybe it’s not the meaning. Maybe the meaning is perfect.


Sounds about right. I guess it’s just the way I’ve been experiencing being “available”.

In todays society lets face it, we are expected to be readily available at all times.Expected to be doing more; proud of being multi-taskers. Spinnning all kinds of plates like a clown in the circus (are we really living this way?)

And we ALL get caught up in it.

On the extending end when trying to reach someone we want to know; where is she? We are calling and he is not answering. We tried the house, the cell, text message, email. She SHOULD answer us NOW.

Rather interesting isn’t it? To expect someone to be at our beckon call at the exact time WE want them; PRESENT AND READY FOR USE.

On the receiving end, we think, I should answer that call, text, email, right now!Never mind I’m in the middle of a meal, working, relaxing. How dare I! Guilt, guilt, guilt and for what? For not being PRESENT AND READY FOR USE???

So whats a 21st century girl to do?

Let the call go to voicemail if I’m in the middle of something. Even if I’m in the middle  of relaxing. (Bold move I know) But being instantly available to everyone is not all its cracked up to be and for the most part not even necessary.

I mean if we’re not available, the sun will still rise tomorrow, the world will still spin on its axis and maybe, just maybe we will learn to slow down, turn inward for guidance and learn some patience.

I know we want to think we can save the day should an emergency arise but I’m pretty sure God’s got this and things are going to happen exactly the way they’re suppose to anyway.

Okay so I’m not a total grandma (although I really  I love technology and think it’s great that we can check in/up on people so easily, but it just feels like its gotten out of hand.

So for me, as far as always being readily available; Nope. Sorry. That’s not me. I’m also sometimes disappointed that its not you either.

I guess that leaves me to turn to the One who’s always PRESENT AND READY FOR USE. And maybe thats the point of this entire rant. Hmm. Not bad. Thanks for listening 🙂

God thank you for being available to me always. Please help me with my guilt of taking care of my self. When I say it outloud it sounds so silly. Please take my frustrations when others aren’t available to me. Help me to remember you are in charge.


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