Listen to your Heart

What “voice” do you listen to? Most of us have millions of thoughts racing through our heads. How do we narrow it down?

One night when my son was younger,  he was having a hard time getting to sleep. He said he kept thinking of the Scooby doo show he watched and the scary images he saw.

“You know Scooby doo is a cartoon and isn’t real right?” I asked.

“Yes, but I still can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I understand. Your brain is very smart. It calculates things like one plus one equals two. It saw that show and concluded, it was scary,” I tried to explain.

“But somehow in your heart, you know none of it is true, like you just told me. We use our brain to learn things, but it is very important to listen to our heart. Our heart knows things our brains will never understand.”

Too much for a youngster to understand? I don’t know – I’m no expert. But we said some prayers and he did manage to fall asleep. (Maybe to avoid another mommy philosophy session?)

As usual, the interaction with my child taught me as our conversation lingered in my head.

I believe we all have knowingness. Sometimes it is clear, sometimes it’s up front and still denied. Other times its buried and needing to work itself out like a sliver. Either way it is there.

If you ever spent any time in a silent meditation, in the beginning it’s almost unbearable. It’s no wonder we can get confused! Patience and compassion can be our watchwords. The more we practice at it – and – stick with it, the easier it becomes.

What I have found thru this process is there are alot of Scooby doo episodes all around me, but I don’t have to get entangled in that whole silly mess. If I’m staying close to God, my heart knows behind the scary monster masks are just everyday people and life situations of which I do not need to fear.

God quiet my mind. Remind me I have nothing to fear. Help me to listen to my heart.


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