Trust Yourself

I was talking to a friend who had helped her 16 year nephew with some issues he’s been having regarding drinking, staying out all night and breaking house rules.

“I’m not sure if I handle the situation the right way,” she questioned herself. “I was thinking of how so-and-so would have handled it and I wondered if I was too lineate.”

My friend couldn’t see her significance. She was honest with the boy and shared her own truth on the matter. Most importantly the boy, a rebellious teenager, came to her.

Why do we think our best isn’t good enough? Where did these ideas come from that others know how to handle situations better than us?

While it is wise to have a trusted friend and/or spiritual advisor as a sounding board, we have all been given gifts. We ARE gifts to this world. We will draw towards us the people who are best for us to learn from and help.

Trust that God is playing us like a chess game and he knows all the moves before they happen. Trust everything is as it should be and your best is good enough!


4 thoughts on “Trust Yourself

  1. Flying the Good Flight

    I love this. I have a habit of immediately going to others for opinions/advice/guidance on sticky situations, but I am working on trusting my own inner voice. Thanks for posting! xo-


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! Yes I used to run all around town looking for my answers and have slowed that roll dramatically. I’ve found meditation a great tool to quiet my head. But if I still feel stuck I have a couple of trusted friends I turn to to help clarify my thinking. They act as mirrors, reflecting back to me what I already know!


  3. “Trust that God is playing us like a chess game and he knows all the moves before they happen. Trust everything is as it should be and your best is good enough!” Yes!!!

    Some of the best information I’ve come across regarding living life has come from people who have had near death experiences or who channel people who have died. This is exactly the sort of wisdom that always comes through; and I think it resonates so strongly because it’s not new to us. We are just remembering it. (I recently read a book called The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, written by Annie Kagan, who spontaneously heard her recently deceased brother talk to her a few weeks after his tragic passing. Awesome book!).


  4. Thank you for your comment. I was just talking about starting another book & that one sounds right up my alley!
    There has been too many coincidences I’m my life to not know there’s a greater power behind it all. And when you know….you know. You know? 😉


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