Are you married to my husband?

If not, you should be. I have the most amazing husband on the planet and every woman deserves a man like him. I know, you may be thinking, “Yay! Good for you….”  Don’t be a hater. There’s more to the story. I don’t always feel this way.  I have been known to throw myself the occasional pity party, whining and complaining about this same man.  Or at least about the over inflated ideas I hold him up to.


My idea: He’s been working a lot of hours. I’ve barely seen him in days. All the house and family obligations are on me. I’m feeling tired and lonely. The doorbell rings, he has sent me a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate! His idea:  He brings home a case of energy drinks left from one of his clients.


My idea:  He whisks me away to some roof top decorated with a thousand white, twinkling lights. Gently walking me over to an exquisitely set table complete with white linens, he pulls my chair out and gestures me to sit. Taking the sterling silver lid off of its sterling silver tray, he reveals a stunning diamond necklace. His idea:  “Burgers on the grill tonight?”


My idea: I find a note on the refrigerator, Honey, I’ve taken care of the babysitter. Dress is casual. Be ready by six o’clock. His idea: Anything good on tv tonight?


While my ideas may be romantic as heck and would score him a lot of points (hint hint), meeting him halfway makes for a more peaceful, loving marriage. My expectations need to take a back seat so I can see what is really in the road right in front of me. On a daily basis he shows up and participates in our family’s lives. After working a twelve hour day, he walks in the door smiling, happy to be home and happy to see us. Day after day he gets up for his job, that is not what he would consider his dream career, and shows up ready and on time. I can count on him to be there for me and the children. When he is busy at work, he always makes time to talk to us on the phone if we need something. More often than not he tells me he loves me, I’m beautiful and an awesome wife and mother. Sometimes I’ll get a text message with a smiley face blowing a kiss.  He’s not afraid to be himself and he makes us all laugh. So I may not get the “stuff” commercials, magazines and romance novels would have me believe I “need” to have a happy marriage, but in the real world I’m married to an awesome dad, a man of his word and a great friend. If you are married to my husband, good for you! Sharing the love helps us all remember how good we got it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


13 thoughts on “Are you married to my husband?

  1. Hah – you have described my dear husband to a “T.” Even though he may not be the most romantic of partners, he is there for me whenever I need him. He puts food on our table, he makes sure the yard is clean and he pays the bills. That’s what is important.



  2. Yes, I am married to your husband and then some. My sweetie also reminds me what a good mother I am from time to time. He dutifully works 12hr shifts, and I too get stuck with all of the household stuff. And when our son was born almost 2 months early, hubby was home with me, driving 2 hours each way to the NICU, to see our son every day for the 3 weeks he was there. And he was home with me for several weeks after that. And this was just one time he stepped up and took care of me, big time.


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