To skip or not to skip

The other day I was feeling a little down, tired (dare I say depressed) ….and….it was also “watch the grandchildren day”. They are the cutest, sweetest little things, ages 6 and 3, but anyone with any experience in this arena knows, it’s a lot.

Refusing to give into my familiar downward spiral of negativity, I take an action contrary to how I feel and take them to the park. As I’m watching them (from the bench) run and climb, I realize I’m sooooo not in the moment. How do I know this? Because I’m still feeling so damn cranky.

Apparently the spiral had more momentum then I realized and more negative thoughts enter.  I start to judge myself, thinking about some of the “tips” I’ve conveyed on my blog and then I’m reminded, Hey…maybe you should “Go Vertical”…….ha!

But I don’t feel like doing that because I don’t think it’s going to work……Even though I know it does work because I’ve used it before.

Already tired of myself, I just do it; I Go Vertical. It took a couple of attempts, but of course it worked.  Everything begins to look and feel different because there’s an actual shift made – lining me up smack dab in the moment.

And in the moment, all is well.

Before you know it, the kids both gravitated towards me (hhhmmmm) and my granddaughter decides to tell me a knock knock joke.  Now if you can’t appreciate a 30+ year old knock knock joke, being told as if for the first time ever by a 6 year old, then you do have a real bad case of “self”.

Once again I’m reminded I can trudge or I can skip; I have a choice. Sit in my crap or pick up one of my life tools and try to….have a nice day.   Oh and by the way….

knock knock

who’s there?


banana who?

knock knock

who’s there?


banana who?

knock knock

who’s there?


orange who?

orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?

(Going Vertical; a post worth reading again)


4 thoughts on “To skip or not to skip

  1. Michelle

    Good job Cheryl sticking it out and not letting the negativity win. I really need to read your going vertical blog again. Thanks for sharing, I needed it 🙂


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