Maybe there’s another way


As I go about my day, I’m sure to run across something I don’t agree with. It’s just how I am, at least for now. (Still working on spiritual perfection….lol)


Today I will try to recognize it as quickly as possible. One telltale sign is the feeling of resistance. I can resist the resistance….or…I can use it as a window into the present.


What I will find as I awaken into the moment, is my confirmed decision on whatever the situation is. Most likely I don’t want to hear it, I’ve already made up my mind and……..I am right.


God help me to remember when this time comes that I may instead say, “Maybe there’s another way to look at this.”


Not only will it open my mind, I will immediately be released from the bondage of the need to be right.


Who knows, I may even learn something.






11 thoughts on “Maybe there’s another way

  1. Michelle

    oh how I wish I would have read this earlier today. I’ll try to apply it tomorrow because I’m sure I will have another situation 🙂 Good stuff Cheryl


  2. ruthbailey2013

    So true! It’s not what’s happening so much as our resistance to what’s happening that causes the struggle. Love you and love your writing CB!


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