Give yourself a break

I was talking to a friend  the other day about parenting. It’s so interesting the way we all experience it, especially when we think we’re screwing it up.

She said, “Last night my son woke up in the middle of the night crying. I did NOT want to get out of bed and go up there. I waiting a few minutes but of course I did go to him and turns out, he was sick. I spent time before, during and after chastising myself for not wanting to get out of bed and take care of him.”

I get this. I’ve been there. But listening from her perspective I wanted to shout, “It’s okay to be tired and not want to jump out of bed and run to the little ones in the middle of the night!!!”

Right? So what’s up with this. I know she and I are not the only ones….

Is it remnants from an old television show? More unreasonable Super Parent demands we put on ourselves? Or could it be the tried and true, (sure to make you crazy) comparing ourselves to others and in our perception, that is not how they would handle it?

Wherever it’s coming from…..It’s not reality.

The reality is no one wants to be woken up from a sound sleep. The reality is being a parent is hard work. The reality is we do take care of what we need to take care of. 


Let us unite and put the invisible bat down! We not only look silly but we are teaching our children to take a swing at us too.


Make a list of everything you take care of in a day. This includes, laundry, diapers, brushing teeth, feeding, shopping for food & clothing, reading books, setting up play dates and activities, wiping noses, wiping behinds, cleaning up messes, cooking meals, paying bills, doctor visits, scrapes and bruises, bad dreams and vomit.


And wait…..there’s more…..

Outside employment, your significant other, taking care of your needs (lol), extended family, friends, pets, neighbors, etc……phew……I need a nap just thinking about it all.

Still think you should do all of this perfectly with a smile on your face?

God it’s no wonder I need You. Look at all I have to do on any given day. Remind me to invite You in to lighten the load.


4 thoughts on “Give yourself a break

  1. Michelle

    So true Cheryl… Thanks for the reminder that we are not perfect and no one else really is either. I just joined your blog yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to read everything but the couple stories that I did read were awesome!! You are a very talented writer my dear!!! I really love the one about looking in the mirror. Thank you Cheryl for inviting me to join, I love writing, I think this is your calling. Love, Michelle Xo


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