Going Vertical

I love discovering new tools for life. Anything that helps me run smoother is welcomed because as we all know, “If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy” (I know this sounds unfair…..just keeping it real).

Of course, men can also benefit from being open to a new idea or two. 😉

Recently I came across an idea I just love, not only because it works, but because it’s practical and easy. It’s like having an actual pause button I can press when I start feeling out of sorts.

When I start to feel myself getting agitated, it’s never about what’s going on at that moment. I know this because if I was truly living in the moment, I’d feel content.

I’m getting aggravated because of the chatter going on in my mind – behind the scenes. Regrets about the past or worries of the future. I’ve heard it referred to as horizontal thinking; like a timeline.

The good news; I can pause this inevitable train wreck by “going vertical”.

Vertical thinking is envisioning lining up with Source (God, Creator, Higher Power).

I close my eyes and imagine a stream of light bursting upward from me in a vertical line connecting to Infinite Power and Stillness. I try to stay there as long as possible, but it doesn’t require a lot of time.

This aligns me back into the present, all there really is anyway, and I feel peace.

Try it. I would love to hear about your experience with this!


8 thoughts on “Going Vertical

  1. marylu

    No better way to start a monday.. make my bed, say a prayer and read your post! There’s hope. When the vertical meets the horizontal it forms a cross. Thanks, again, and please keep sharing! A meaningful pause…


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