Can I have a word with you?

How many times do you use the word “should” in a single day? Seems like no big deal really, one little word, but it’s one that really packs a punch.

I’ve heard about this notion before, but didn’t pay much attention to it; after all I have mountains to move. I don’t have time for mole hills! But perhaps that kind of thinking is backwards. If I look at the literature, especially the self-help genre, it seems to think a lot about a single word. In fact it screams you can.

“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. What if she called her book, “You should’ve healed your life.” How would that book be helpful to anyone? Would it have sold 35 million copies?

What about another tried and true best seller, “The Little Engine that Could.” Why not call it, “The Little Engine that Should have gotten off its lazy butt and done something.” Because……. THAT BOOK WOULD BE USELESS!!!

Still, we use that word.

It was brought to my attention once again by a very wise woman as she shook her head and smiled, “Cheryl…you’re shouldin’ all over yourself!”

Eeeeww, I thought as I squirmed in my chair and resisted the urge to check the bottom of my shoes. I don’t want do that! But really what a perfect sort of analogy. Every time I should myself, I’m stepping in a pile of crap, because when I use that word, it suggests there’s something wrong with me. Believing this is not only fruitless, it is a LIE.

How can there be something wrong with me when I’m a vibrant, clear channel of God’s Love? When I live in God, connected to my Source, always? I mean come on…everyone knows God doesn’t make junk!

And as much as I would love to live on a spiritual mountain top observing all the silly human activity,(or would I?) doesn’t really matter because God seems to have other ideas for me; to live and thrive in this human condition.

So some days I’m on top of my game, getting things done, playing nice with others on the playground. Other days I need a crowbar to get me out of bed and I may even be a tad hard to get along with. But on both of those days, with every decision or action I take, in every moment, I am doing the best I can…….. with room for improvement 😉

I can practice more compassion, I can word that differently next time, I can totally exercise more, I can make healthier food choices, I can be on time, I can work on acceptance of all humanity, I can forgive, I can rest in some way if I’m tired, I can count my blessings, I can give myself a break. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……



8 thoughts on “Can I have a word with you?

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