I talk to my Self

Today was a primo day to be outside. I was thoroughly enjoying my walk/jog….walk/jog session, when I noticed the inner dialogue between me and my Self.

Look at these trees! Aww hey little chipmunk buddy…this is so wonderful, I am so blessed!

Yes, blessed.…. chipmunks always remind me of Mary. What was that again she was saying to me the other day? I think it was more of how she said it, so smug. I mean who the hell does she think she is?

Forgiveness is in order. I forgive Mary for not being perfect and I forgive myself for the same.

And what about you? Who do you think you are having this time for yourself? Taking these walks….you should probably start thinking about being a little more productive…..

Ha! Gotcha my little ego. Thank you God for my life and where I’m at today in my life and for all this glory around me!

Soon I came upon the opening I use to and from the bike path. Its’ a fairly wide, unpaved clearing with a vortex of greenery engulfing the length of it; my favorite part of the journey.

Walking somewhat fast, I once again reminded my self;

Slow down, you’ve done a good job, take this in, perfect beauty all around you. This is all for you. You deserve all of this!

It is a dreamy place, filled with peace, song birds, and the rustling noises of the squirrels chasing one another, jaws stuffed with nuts. Multi-colored fallen leaves paved the way, softening my every step. Pure magnificence!

I’m sure there’s dog poop along here somewhere with these people who don’t pick up after their pets, sssooo rude!……better keep looking down…..make sure I don’t step in it…….

And so it continued……..magnificence…..dog poop..….magnificence…..dog poop…..magnificence…dog poop…..

The familiar pattern of my spirituality.


6 thoughts on “I talk to my Self

  1. lyn

    cburns I like that I’m not the only one looking for dog poop and going from one thought to the next. I am trying hard to stay in the moment! Thank you for your thoughts! Have a great day!


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